Dr. Salvador Anton Clavé

Principal researcher of the Research Group on Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies (GRATET).

Department of Geography, Faculty of Tourism & Geography, Rovira i Virgili University.

ORCID: 0000-0001-9818-2778

Salvador Anton Clavé is Distinguished Full Professor of Regional Geographical Analysis at the Rovira i Virgili University and Senior Research Scholar at the International Institute of Tourism Studies at the George Washington University (USA). He currently serves as Director of the Doctoral Program in Tourism and Leisure at the Rovira i Virgili University where he is also the Principal Investigator of the Research Group of Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies. He is the Director of Department of Tourism Innovation at Eurecat Technology Centre of Catalonia.  

He has served as director/dean of the School of Tourism and Leisure/Faculty of Tourism and Geography at the Rovira i Virgili University since its foundation in 2002 until 2014. He has been visiting researcher at the Universities of Exeter and Nottingham (UK), George Washington University and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (USA) and visiting professor at the Universities of Angers and Paris-Est (France). He has been keynote speaker in numerous academic and professional conferences and has conducted seminars or lectures in more than 45 universities worldwide. 

His research concentrates on the analysis of the evolution of tourism destinations, theme parks and visitor attractions, destination image, policies, planning and local and regional development related to tourism and visitors decision making and spatial behavior. He has published more than 130 academic works including books, articles and book chapters. Among his most relevant major publications are his books entitled The Global Theme Park Industry (CABI, 2007) Análisis Territorial del Turismo y Planificación de Destinos Turísticos (Tirant lo Blanch, 2011, co-authored with JF. Vera, F. López and M. Marchena), Geographies of Tourism: European Research Perspectives (Emerald, 2013, co-edited with J. Wilson) and Tourism Destination Evolution (Routledge, 2017, co-edited with P. Brouder, A. Gill and D. Ioannides).  

He has extensive experience in coordinating national funded research projects and holds participation in European Union ERA4CS, ESPON, ERASMUS+, MEDCAMPUS and TEMPUS research and educational programs as well as in knowledge transfer projects supported by the European Regional Funds and by global, regional and local administrations and private organizations.

Selected recent publications

  • Sanz-Ibáñez, C., Lozano, S. & Anton Clavé, S. (2019). Brokers in a destination’s knowledge networks. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management , 11: 120-129. doi.org/10.1016/j.jdmm.2019.01.001
  • Anton Clavé, S. (2019). Urban tourism and walkability. In Fayos-Solà, E. & Cooper, C. (eds). The future of tourism: Innovation and sustainability. Springer, Wien-New York. Pgs 195-211.
  • Valls, A., Gibert, K., Orellana, A. & Anton Clavé, S. (2018). Using Ontology-based Clustering to understand the push and pull factors for British tourists visiting a Mediterranean coastal destination. Information and ManagementThe International Journal of Information Systems Applications. 55 (2): 145-159.
  • Anton Clavé, S. & Wilson; J. (2017). The evolution of coastal tourism destinations: a path plasticity perspective on tourism urbanisation. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 25 (1): 95-112.  
  • Rovira Soto, M.T. & Anton Clavé, S. (2017). Second homes and urban landscape patterns in Mediterranean coastal tourism destinations. Land Use Policy 68, 117-132.  
  • Santos-Lacueva, R., Anton Clavé, S. & Saladié, O. (2017). The vulnerability of coastal destinations to climate change: the usefulness of policy analysis. Sustainability, (11), 2062; doi:10.3390/su9112062   
  • Brouder, P., Anton Clavé, S., Gill, A. & Ioannidies, D. (Eds). (2017). Tourism Destination Evolution. Routledge. London. 193 pgs.
  • Mariné Roig, E. & Anton Clavé, S. (2016). Perceived image specialisation in multiscalar tourism destinations. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, doi:10.1016/j.jdmm.2015.12.007 
  • Sanz-Ibáñez, C. & Anton Clavé, S. (2016). Strategic coupling evolution and destination upgrading. Annals of Tourism Research, 56 (1): 1-15. 
  • Mariné Roig, E. & Anton Clavé, S. (2015). Tourism analytics with massive user-generated content: A case study of Barcelona. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 4 (3); 162-172 .

Selected recent conferences, keynotes, invited lectures and presentations

  • Tourism, mobilities and the reshaping of places. Ré-invention des territoires touristiques: entre attentes des consommateurs, adaptation de l’offre et nouvelles formes de résidentialité. Université de Lausanne, Sion. Switzerland. 2018. [Conference Keynote]
  • The contemporary global theme park industry. Issues, practices and paradoxes. Key Concepts in Theme Park Studies. University of Bonn. Germany. 2018 [Conference KeynotAn evolutionary perspectiveof destination dynamics: recent developments and research agenda. With  Cinta Sanz Ibáñez. Five Global Conference on Economic Geography. Köln, Germany, 2018 [Presentation] 
  • The global theme park industries: emergent geographies and contemporary practices. Middlesex University Dubai. United Arab Emirates, 2017 [Invited lecture] 
  • Emotions, decision making and tourism consumption. A methodological discussion of measurements using biophysical sensors tecnologies. With Alicia Orellana and Joan Borrás. Workshop on Analytics in Tourism Design. Modul University Vienna. Austria, 2017 [Presentation] 
  • Tourism and walkability: an opportunity to rethink destination planning and management. Tourism Naturally Conference. Colorado State University2016. L’Alguer [Conference Keynote] 
  • Walkable cities. A sustainable approach to destination and place management. The 12th Biennial Conference of Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Asia. Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. 2016. [Conference Keynote] 
  • The role of Barcelona´s urban design and iconic architecture in the contemporary tourist city image. With Estela Mariné-Roig and M.Trinitat Rovira Soto. International Conference on Urban Planning and Tourism Consumption: 160 years for the Ringstrasse in Vienna (1857-2017). Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Modul University. Jerusalem. 2016 [Presentation] 
  •  Understanding emotional behaviour in a theme park: a methodological approach. En colaboración con Alicia Orellana y Joan Borrás. Consumer Behaviour in Tourism Symposium. Free University of Bozen/Bolzano at Bruneck/Brunico.Bruneck/Brunico. 2016. [Presentation]
  • Walkable Historic Cities for Healthier Communities and more Prosperous Local Businesses. Culture, Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Knowledge Silo Breaker. The WorldBank Group. Washington DC, 2016. [Invited lecture]